Getting Started with Podcasting

Podcasting with Sunergo starts with an RSS Feed on your website. RSS Feeds are an easy way to share podcasts with a wide range of apps. Our feeds are also set up to be shared with iTunes and Spotify.

All Website Builder customers have access to one podcast feed. If you would like to add more, please contact us.

Get Started #

You’ll find your podcast feed under Media > RSS Feeds. You do not need to create a new RSS Feed; just select the feed with the type “Podcast”.

Once the podcast feed is selected, you will see a form to edit your podcast.

  • RSS Feed URL is the URL of your podcast feed. Use this to add the podcast to your favourite podcast app.
  • iTunes Feed ID is the ID number from the Apple Podcast. The ID is found in the URL (e.g. If the ID is filled, a link to your podcast will appear next to the downlink link on the podcast on your podcast page.

iTunes is now Apple Podcasts

Next Steps #

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2020

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