Skills Block Placement Engine

The Skill Block Placement Engine is provided for taking requested skill blocks and translating them into actual assignments.

  1. Select Skill Block Placement Engine in Other Setup.
  2. Select a kids camp that you would like to assign.
  3. Select Run Placement Engine to automatically assign skill requests according to registration date (i.e., in the order that they registered).

Running the Automatic Skill Block Placement Engine deletes all existing skill registrations under the camp and saves the new assignments made by the engine.

  1. Once the Skill Block Placement Engine has completed running, the automatic placement results are shown.

Manual Placement Tool

The Manual Placement Tool allows campers to be placed in any available skill block. No restrictions on minimum or maximum campers per skill block are enforced. Use the Manual Placement Tool to adjust automatic placements and/or override the system limits to accomodate camper requests.

Last Updated: Feb 9, 2023

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