Registration Reports

Current Registration Summary

View a summary of pending and complete registrations for all current kids camps and family camps, as well as family camp accommodations.

Check-In Report

Create a spreadsheet containing user-definable information such as item purchases, skill block placements and amount paid and owing

Medical Reports

Generate medical reports for current kids and family camps displaying medical information collected during registration.

Waitlist Report

View waitlisted registrations by date and camp.

Cancellation Report

View cancelled registrations and cancellation fees assessed. Cancellation fees are identified by the cancellation fee flag on a payment or by assignment in the payment line items.

Transfer Report

View transferred registrations and fees. In order for fees to appear in this report, there must be a Back Office Only inventory item whose name includes the word “transfer”— presumably something like “Transfer Fee”. If your camp does not charge fees for transfers, this is not required.

Incomplete Registration Report

The Incomplete Registration Report lists campers that have no pending or complete registrations. The report also gives a list of patrons that have no associated families or campers.

Financial Reports

Kids Camp Account Balances

View camper account balances for current kids camps. The user can choose how much information will be included.

Family Camp Account Balances

View camper account balances for current family camps. The user can choose how much information will be included.

Payments Report

The Payment Report allows the user to view lists of payments for kids and/or family camps. In the web display format, the user can access payment details by clicking on the Payment ID.

Registration Fee Breakdown Report

Users have two options; a full breakdown report containing all payments in the specified date range, or a summary report of monies collected for registration fees, accommodations, skill blocks, optional items, etc. over a specified date range.

Camper Reports

Kids Campers by City, Kids Campers by Name, Export Camper List to CSV

Generate lists of kids campers with completed registrations grouped by city or alphabetically by name.

Family Campers by Name

Generate a list of family members with completed registrations listed alphabetically by name.

Other Reports

Current Staff list

View a list of current staff mailing addresses or export all available information to a spreadsheet.

List Segmentation Filter

The List Segmentation Filter allows users to export kids camper, family camper and/or guardian information based on user-definable criteria such as camper age range, gender, year attended, or camp attended.

Staff Cabin Assignment

The Staff Cabin Assignments Report allows the user to view a list of staff members and cabin assignments for a specified year/camp/gender.

Export Contact List to CSV

Create csv files of contacts organized by contact type.

Export Contact Category List to Spreadsheet

Create xls files of contacts grouped by contact category.

Last Updated: Feb 9, 2023

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