Child Check-In


In order to use Child Check-in, you will need the following supported equipment:

  • One of the following DYMO Label Printers:
    • DYMO LabelWriter 550 Label Printer
    • DYMO LabelWriter 550 Turbo Label Printer
    • DYMO LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo Direct Thermal Label Printer
  • Computer with one of these operating systems:
    • Windows
    • Mac

User Group Permissions

The following permissions are needed to access Quick Check-In/Check-Out:

  • Menu - Ministry Groups
  • Ministry Groups - Edit Ministry Group

The following permissions are needed to access an individual’s file, edit check-in notes, and assign guardians for children in the check-out process:

  • Menu - Contacts
  • Contacts - Edit Person Details
  • Contacts - Assign Child Guardians

Child Guardians and Notes

Children may be assigned guardians on their Contacts > Personal Information page. In order to be able to access this edit feature, a user must have the “Contacts - Assign Child Guardians” permission. Assigned Guardians show up as pre-approved during the Check-Out process.

Check-In Notes” will show up on printed labels when the “Print Labels on Quick Check-In” option in the Ministry Subgroup’s settings is enabled.

Quick Check-In

Easily take attendance for all children and leaders within a ministry group through Quick Check-In.

To start taking attendance:

  1. Go to Ministry Groups, select the desired Ministry Group, then select Feedback/Attendance.
  2. In the Quick Check-In Screen section, select the desired date (defaults to today), and the category. Then select Check-In.
  3. Search and select Check-In next to the child or volunteer you want to check-in.

Multiple users can add attendance records at a time. However, the list will not automatically update. Refresh the browser regularly to see an updated list of children checked-in by another user.

To add a new child or member:

Quick Check-In provides a simplified way to add visitors and other members if they aren’t part of the ministry group yet.

  1. Select Add new member or scroll down to the “Add Member” section.
  2. Select a Subgroup.
  3. Lookup an existing contact, or fill out the name, gender, email and phone fields to add a contact to the Ministry Group and Subgroup.

Add notes during Check-In

Use Notes to add notes and parent/guardian details during check-in. These notes will be printed on name tags when generated.

Quick Check-Out

Use our Quick Check-Out to keep track of who is authorized to pickup children.

To start check-out:

  1. Go to Ministry Groups, select the desired Ministry Group, then select Feedback/Attendance.
  2. In the Quick Check-Out Screen section, Select the desired date (defaults to today), and the category. Then select Check-Out.
  3. Select the name of the parent/guardian that is picking up next to the child or volunteer you want to check-out. You can also add the name of another parent/guardian.

To see a picture of the parent/guardian, select the name of the child. The Child Details panel also allow you to view any notes in the “Check-in Parents” field which may flag a person or persons who are not allowed to pick up a child.

Records and Reporting

There are a few types of reports that can be generated from Check-In:

1. Export Attendance in Feedback/Attendance

Attendance records exported using this option give a summary of who is checked-in for the selected date range. Use this for a quick reference to see who is present.

2. Recent Records

Recent Records are found in the Ministry Groups Feedback/Attendance page under the Quick Check-In/Check-Out sections.

Selecting on a Recent Record will show an editable record of the attendance. Use this report to edit past attendance records.

3. Ministry Groups Attendance Report

A full report of the attendance for a ministry group can be found in Reports. This report gives further detail to the attendance records, including:

  • Date records originally created
  • Individual attendance records
  • Full history of any edits made to attendance records, including date, time and name

Use this report as a permanent record for record keeping purposes.

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2023