Creating a Facility

Sunergo’s Facility Rental system is based around facilities. A facility is any distinct, rentable space. You can add images and custom details to help describe your facility. After a facility is created, availabilities allow for the public to rent your facility through a self-service portal.

Step 1: Go to Facility Rental in Sunergo Admin

  1. Log in to Sunergo Admin.
  2. Go to Facility Rental > Facilities.
  3. Select New Facility.

Step 2: Fill in your facility’s details

Fill in the form with the facility’s name, description, availability type, pricing, and payment options.

Pricing and Payment Options are optional, so you can create a space that is free to book.

Availability Type

Availability Type determines how your facility is rented.

  • Time Slot is for facilities that are rented based on a time frame.
    • For example, a space that is open to rent from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, with each time slot being 2 hours long.
  • Multi-Day is for facilities that are rented for a full day or over multiple days, where time is not important.
    • For example, a space that is open to rent all day on weekdays.
    • Multi-Day rentals have their “check-out” date rentable. For example, if someone rents the facility from Monday to Wednesday, another rental can begin on Wednesday.

Use the Facility Description field to inform renters of check-in and check-out details, such as time and instructions.

Collecting a Deposit

When this is set, the renter will be required to make a payment of the deposit amount on checkout. This amount can be based on Fixed Amount or Percent of Total Costs.

  • If only Fixed Amount is set, the renter will be charged the fixed amount.
  • If only Percent of Total Cost is set, the renter will be charged a percentage of the total cost of the rental.
  • If both are set, the renter will be charged the greater of the two amounts.
    • For example, if the total rental cost is $100, with the Fixed Amount being $10 and the Percent of Total Cost being 25%, the deposit amount charged will be $25 (as the Percent of Total Cost is greater than the Fixed Amount).

If the total cost is less than the Fixed Amount or Percent of Total Cost, the total cost will be the deposit amount.

Step 3: Add Images and Custom Details (optional)

Next, you can add images and custom details to help describe the facility.


You can add as many images as you want to a facility in batches of 5 at a time.

The first image uploaded will be used as the thumbnail on the Facility Rental Portal.

Custom Details

Use Custom Details to add additional information, such as location address, availability of heating, capacity, etc.

The custom details field will be available for all facilities to use.

Step 4: Add Availability

To allow the public to rent the facility through the Facility Rental Portal, you’ll need to add availability.

The Availability Type option in Facility Details determines the options that appear when you add availability.

Recurring Availabilities

If this is a recurring availability, the Date will be the date that the availability pattern starts.

If there is no recurring end date, the facility will be rentable forever, based on the recurrence pattern.

For Time Slot availability type

You’ll see Start Time, End Time and Duration fields for facilities with Time Slot availability types.

The Start and End Times determine the range of the availabilities you want to create, and Duration determines how long each slot in your range will be. For example, a facility rentable in 30 minute segments (Time Slot Duration) from 9:00 am (Start Time) to 5:00 pm (End Time).

Time Slots can be set up to 24 hours at time. For example, you can have time slots that are rentable from 10:00 pm (Start Time) to 11:00 am (End Time) the next day.

Next Steps

Once an availability has been added, your facility will be open to rent from the Facility Rental Portal!

Create and Assign Add-ons

To make additional items, such as chairs or blankets, or attached spaces, such as a kitchen, rentable, you can add these as add-ons for the facility.

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2022

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