Adding an Audio File

Preparing the File

We recommend uploading MP3 files with a bitrate of about 96 kbps. This will give you the best audio quality while keeping file sizes small.

If the file size is larger than 50 MB (usually occurs when audio clips are more than 1 hour long), please try the following before contacting us to increase the limit:

  • Trim out silence at the beginning and end of the audio. Where appropriate, cut out silence during the audio as well.
  • Decrease the bitrate to 60 kbps, if possible. Note that this will also decrease the audio quality, especially if the audio includes music.

Uploading the File

To add audio files to your podcast:

  1. Select your podcast in Media > RSS Feeds.
  2. Select Add item.

The “Add New Item” form will appear.

  1. Fill in the title, description and author fields.
  2. Optionally indicate the duration of an audio or video file.

Visibility of your Audio

There are two ways to hide your audio file after uploading:

  • Setting the Published Date in the future (the file will appear on the publish date), or
  • Choosing “No” for Show on Site.

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2022

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