Renting a Facility

Renting a facility can be done through the Facility Rental Portal and through Sunergo Admin.

Rentals through Facility Rental Portal #

The Facility Rental Portal allows the public to make rental requests and pay fees for their rentals through a self-service system.

Based on Availability #

Rentals through the Facility Rental Portal are based on the availability set for that facility. Facilities must have an availability in order to be rentable through the Facility Rental Portal.

Multi-Facility Rentals #

Multiple facilities and time/day slots can be rented with one form through the Rental Cart.

Portal Account #

Once a renter has completed the rental form, their contact information is saved and a Portal account is created for them. With this account, they can log in to see their active and past rentals, as well as make payments.

Accepted Payments #

Renters can pay with a credit and debit card, or they can note that they will pay with cash, cheque or a third-party method.

Rentals through Sunergo Admin #

Admins have a greater amount of flexibility when creating a rental through Sunergo Admin.

Not constrained to Availability #

Rentals through Sunergo Admin not constrained to the availabilities set for the facility. Instead, the admin is free to set any date and start/end time, regardless of the availability of that day/time slot.

We recommend checking the Facility Rental Portal before creating a rental to ensure that the facility is available.

Custom Pricing #

Admins are also able to set a custom cost, deposit amount, and taxes.

Managing Rentals #

Once a rental is received, the admin will need to confirm and issue invoices. They can also adjust cost, deposit amount, taxes, and add-ons.

Resolving Conflicts #

If a rental is in conflict with another rental, a note will appear at the top of the rental indicating the conflict.

Rental Status #

Status Description Date/Time Reserved
Pending All new, completed rentals start with this status. Yes
Confirmed Admins can set this status when the rental is confirmed. Yes
Declined Use this to resolve conflicts with other rentals during the same date/time. No
Incomplete Renter has not made the required payments. No
Cancelled No

Payment Status #

Status Description Stamped on Invoice
Unpaid All new rentals with payments are marked as unpaid.
Partially Paid Admins can set this if additional payments are required. Partially Paid
Fully Paid Admins can set this when the rental is paid. Fully Paid
Not Applicable Rentals without payments have this status.

Payments #

Credit and debit card payments can be accepted through both Facility Rental Portal and Sunergo Admin.

Admins can also keep track of cash, cheque and other third-party payments.

Splitting payments among multiple rentals #

A renter may want to make a single payment for multiple rentals. This can be done after adding a payment in Sunergo Admin.

  1. In Sunergo Admin > Facility Rental, select any one of the rentals the renter would like to make a payment for.
  2. Go to Payments and select Add Payment.
  3. Enter the total amount the renter is paying, fill in the payment details (and credit/debit card information for online payments).
    • For Credit/Debit card transactions, the card will be immediately charged.
  4. Select the payment you would like to split.
  5. In the Allocation section, select Link Rental.
  6. Find the rental to link to this payment.
  7. Adjust the amounts according to the payments required for each rental.

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2021

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