User Groups and Permissions

User Groups are used to assign permissions to users. Each user group has a list of actions and areas of the system to which it has access. Creating different user groups, i.e. different sets of permissions, essentially create different types of users.

Examples of user groups might be Office Administrator, Pastor, Treasurer, and Ministry Group Leader.

Creating Groups

To create a group, go to Admin > Access Settings: User Groups and select “Add Group”.

A list of all the permissions available to be selected is shown. Select the permissions that this user group should have, then click “Save” to create the group.

It is important to keep access to your church’s data secure. We recommend selecting only the parts of the system a user group will needs access to, rather than enabling all permissions. You can always return to this menu to add access or move a user to a different group.

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2022

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