What are Sunergo Accounts?

Sunergo Accounts are used to access all Sunergo tools and manage which users have access to your organization’s tools (if you have access to Users).

Your Sunergo Account can be used to access and manage:

  • Sunergo Church
  • Sunergo Contacts
  • Sunergo Websites
  • Sunergo Camp
  • Sunergo Events
  • Sunergo Denomination
  • Sunergo Organization
  • Sunergo Facility Rentals
  • and more!

Using one Sunergo Account with more than one organization

If you belong to multiple organizations that use Sunergo, you can log in to any of those organizations using a single Sunergo Account.

  • Organizations can’t see the other organizations you belong to.
  • Data and tools are isolated to each organization, so other organizations cannot access another organization’s data.

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2022

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