Form Options

There are a number of features that help you collect and process form responses.

reCAPTCHA Protection

Free Add-on for Advanced Forms only. Google’s reCAPTCHA attempts to prevent fake users, bots and spam from submitting a form. When enabled on a specific form, a reCAPTCHA check will be required before the form can be submitted. Note that when enabled, Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply to that specific form. To add this optional feature, contact Sunergo Support.

Restrict By Dates

To only allow respondents to submit a response during a range of dates, set Restrict by Date to Yes and set a Date Range.

Maximum Number of Responses

Advanced Forms only. To stop collecting submissions after a certain number of responses, enter the maximum number of submissions in the Optional Max # of Responses field. Once the limit has been reached, the form will be unavailable.

Email Responses

To get emails when someone fills out a form, enter email addresses in the Email Response to field to receive a copy of the form response. To send a copy of responses to multiple emails, enter each email, separating each with a comma. (e.g.,,

Custom Email to Respondent

Advanced Forms only. Custom content can be sent to the respondent after filling in the form. To enable this feature, make sure an email question type is in the form. If there are multiple email question fields, the custom content will only be sent to the email in the first email question field.

Send a Copy of Responses to Respondent

Advanced Forms only. When Send Copy of Responses is set to Yes, a copy of the response will be added to the bottom of the email content in addition to the custom email content. The form response content will be formatted to either a table view with borders or a list view, based on the Response Format selection.

Saving Partial Response

Advanced Forms only. Selecting “Yes” will allow respondents to save their response to come back to without submitting the form. The respondent will be emailed a link to return to the form at a later date.

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2023