What’s new in Sunergo Accounts

Discover what’s new with Sunergo Accounts.

February 2023

  • ⭐ When you change your email address, an email will be sent to the previous email address.
  • ⭐ You’ll now be able to see who else has access to manage user access from the Users list. Those with access will have “User Admin” listed in the Tools column.

January 2023

  • ⭐ You can now log in with verification codes sent to your phone via SMS text message! Read this help article to learn how to use SMS of multi-factor authentication.
  • 🔧 When sending out Upgrade Instructions, you can now customize the email before sending it.

December 2022

  • ⭐ Time-based One Time Codes are now available as a multi-factor authentication method.

Last Updated: Mar 3, 2023