Text to Give Scenarios

Donors can always text the word Help to receive a message on how to format their texts to give successfully.

Here is a list of scenarios and corresponding text responses to help your donors give by text.

  • SHORTLINK: This link directs donors to the online donation form for your church. They will be able to complete the donation there. This link will also help set up their account for Text to Give.

Successful Transactions #

Successful one-time transaction #

Hi First Name Last Name, we have successfully processed your FREQ donation/payment of $X.XX. Thank you!

Successful recurring transaction #

Hi First Name Last Name, we have successfully set up your FREQ donation/payment of $X.XX. Your donation/payment will be processed on: Start Date. Thank you!

Problems with Donor Accounts #

The client has not set up a fund for Text to Give #

No fund currently exists for donations. Please contact Client Name for more help.

No contact record connected with the SMS number #

It looks like your phone number is not set up with a donor account. Please create your account, or log in and update your existing account here: Donor Form with Create Account window open

No valid credit card on file for donor account #

Hi First Name Last Name, it looks like you do not have a saved credit card on file. Please add your credit card information and select “Save This Card” here: Donor Form with Logon Window open

Problems with Designation Fund Setup #

Frequency type is not allowed #

Sorry, FREQ frequency type was not found. Please try again with a different frequency. Valid Frequencies: LIST OF VALID FREQS

Fund allows only one-time transactions, but other frequency is given #

Sorry, this fund only allows one-time donations. Please try again.

Given fund ID does not exist #

Sorry, that fund code was not found. Here are the valid funds: LIST OF VALID FUNDS

Other Transaction Problems #

The command does not exist #

Command not recognized. Text GIVE Amount to give, or HELP for more commands.

Missing amount in text #

Missing amount. Please format text to: GIVE amount opt: fund ID opt: frequency

Invalid amount (characters, decimals, etc.) #

Invalid Amount. Please enter a whole number (no decimals) and remove any non-numeric characters. Please enter your request in this format: GIVE amount opt: fund ID opt: frequency

Lower than minimum SMS transaction #

The minimum donation/payment amount for Text to Give is $X.XX.

Greater than transaction limit #

Sorry, the donation/payment limit for Text to Give is $X.XX, but please try to complete your donation/payment here: SHORTLINK

Transaction processing error #

Hi First Name Last Name, we could not process your FREQ donation/payment. Please complete your payment/donation here: SHORTLINK

System Problems #

If you encounter any of these messages, please contact us as soon as possible.

The client does not have Text to Give module enabled on CIMS #

Text to Give is unavailable for Client Name. Please contact them for further information.

Phone number not set up with client #

Text to Give has not been set up for this phone number. Please try again later.

Text Commands #

Here’s a sample of the text message replies you’ll get when texting these commands.

help, info #

Welcome to Text to Give! To give, text GIVE amount opt: fund code opt: frequency.
To get a list of fund codes, text FUNDS
To get a list of frequencies, text FREQS
Reply STOP to unsubscribe and START to resubscribe. Msg&Data rates may apply.

start, unstop, yes #

You have successfully been subscribed to messages from this number. Reply HELP for help. Reply STOP to unsubscribe. Msg&Data rates may apply.

cancel, end, quit, stop all, unsubscribe #

You have successfully been unsubscribed. You will not receive any more messages from this number and your texts will not be processed any further. Reply START to resubscribe.

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2020

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