Get Started with Sunergo Connect

Sunergo Connect is an easy way to connect with your church members.

  • Members can update their contact information, and keep track of their giving history.
  • Ministry Group Leaders are empowered with schedule management tools, resource sharing space and church member organizations within their ministry group.
  • Ministry Group members can message other group members easily with the post feature.

Watch this video to learn how to get started:

Sunergo Connect relies on Church Tools to facilitate contact management and communication. Contact us to learn more about setting Church Tools for your church.

Getting Started

Please contact us to add Sunergo Connect to your Church Tools.

Before contacting us, please ensure the validity of the emails of congregant members who would like to be invited into the system and ensure update-to-date information in Ministry Groups.

During the activation process, we will use the Congregant Logon information from each contact and the information from Ministry Groups to set up Sunergo Connect.

After set up is complete, you will be able to access Sunergo Connect by going to your Church Tool’s link and adding /connect to it.

For example, your link might look like

Connect logins are attached to contact records. This is different from the credentials used to log in to Church Tools. Learn how to create a logon.

Alias URL

If your church has a website with Sunergo, an alias URL can be set up to redirect to Sunergo Connect (e.g.

  1. Login to Website Tools admin and go to Admin > Alias URLs.
  2. Select Add New Alias.
  3. Under Alias, enter “connect”.
  4. Under Target URL, enter “”.
  5. Select Save and test out the link.

Giving Connect access to your congregants

Contacts with an existing Congregant Logon or a donation form login for their account will have access to Connect when the set up is complete.

For existing contacts without a Congregant Logon, or for new contacts, you will need manually create a logon.

Exploring Connect

Your Church Tools logon will not work in Sunergo Connect as Sunergo Connect logons are linked to contacts.

Once you logon to Sunergo Connect, here are some tasks that you can explore:

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2023

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